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Designer / Artworker ​
Based in London




I am a motivated, fast adapting, creative individual with a vibrant multicultural background. My previous experience, interests and passions have made me resilient, able to produce and deliver unique ideas and undauntingly apply a range of techniques to create energetic work, aimed to enhance the mood of anyone who views it.


My passion and inspiration for design stemmed from my need to create beautiful work and find visual solutions that will help to improve my environment. This could range from a piece of packaging to an installation or a motion graphics video. ​


The reason I have decided to work in the Design industry is that people never think without an image. I believe that a simple and clear design doesn’t need to be explained. A good design should convey a complex message via simplicity. I take my inspiration from the environment that we are surrounded by. The approach I am taking is mostly experiential. I am passionate about using my hands to create beautiful things even if no one cares. I have a strong interest in different media, technology and innovations.

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